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Investing Policy

Glenwick plc (“the Company”) owns Convertible Loan Notes in i3 Energy Limited (“i3” & “i3 IPO”).  i3 is progressing admission to trading on AIM.  As Glenwick has announced, it is intended that all shares in i3 received by the Company following the i3 IPO will be distributed to ordinary share holders in Glenwick as will be detailed in further announcements. Further details on i3 can found on i3 section of this website.

Glenwick has provisionally agreed to acquire 100% of the shares of Cora Gold for a consideration of Glenwick shares equivalent to approximately 91% of the enlarged share capital of the Company should the transaction complete, prior to any new capital raising concurrent with the proposed transaction. Further details on Cora Gold can found on Cora Gold section of this website.